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Anthology Edited By Indian Poet Translated Into Greek


Anthology Edited By Indian Poet Translated Into Greek

NEW DELHI (ANI) – The Greek edition of ‘100 Great Indian Poems’, selected and edited by an Indian poet, diplomat, and acclaimed litterateur, Abhay K, has been translated and published in the Greek language.

The book titled ‘100 Megala Indika Poemata’ in Greek has been translated by Sarah Thilykou and published by Nikas Books, a publisher based in Athens. It includes poems in 28 Indian languages written over three millennia.

The Greek edition of the book will be launched soon in Athens, Greece.

‘100 Great Indian Poems’ has already been translated into several languages in Europe, Africa, and Latin America.

On the anthology’s publication, Abhay K said, ‘The Greek edition would act as a literary bridge between India and Greece.’

Abhay K. is the author of several poetry collections. His ‘Earth Anthem’ has been translated into over 150 languages.

Sarah Thilykou studied theology, drama, and music, with further work in Utrecht and Paris. She holds an MA and a PhD in theology. SShe has published poems, essays, translations, and book reviews in literary publications in Greece and abroad.

‘100 Great Indian Poems’ originally published by Bloomsbury India has already been translated and published into French as ‘Cent Grands Poemes Indiens’ by L’Harmattan Paris, into

Arabic as ‘100 Qaseedat Hindiyah Raiyeh’ by Sharjah Institute of Heritage, into Italian as ‘100 Grandi Poeme Indiane’ by Edizioni Efesto, Rome, into Spanish titled ‘Cien Grandes Poemas de la India’ by the National Autonomous University of Nuevo Le n, (UNAL) Monterrey, Mexico, into Portuguese, titled ‘100 Grandes Poemas da India’, published by the University of Sao Paulo and into Malagasy as ‘Tononkalo Indianana 100 Tsara Indrindra’ by Tsipika Editions.

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