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AP Dhillon Says New Single Marks A New Innings

AP-Dhillon-Says-New-Single-Marks-A-New-Innings India West

AP Dhillon Says New Single Marks A New Innings

MUMBAI, (IANS) – Indo-Canadian hip-hop sensation, AP Dhillon, has unleashed his latest single titled ‘Sleepless,’ featuring his longtime collaborator, Shinda Kahlon, and hip-hop filmmaker, Spike Jordan, contributing to the credits.

Dhillon said that it marks a new chapter in his musical journey as he has stepped out of his comfort zone to deliver a unique sound to his audience. He wanted to offer something different from what they might be accustomed to, creating a bridge between innovation and tradition.

The up-tempo dance track weaves a compelling narrative that seamlessly blends romance and despair. It revolves around the emotions of emptiness and restlessness that follow the end of a relationship. With captivating lyrics, powerful verses, and fiery vocals, ‘Sleepless’ fuses traditional and modern music styles.

The music video, shot by Jordan, offers a visually striking portrayal of the inability to heal heartbreak through materialistic pleasures and avant-garde lifestyles.

‘Sleepless’ marks AP Dhillon’s second release of 2023, following the success of his previous single, ‘True Stories,’ which garnered significant attention on platforms like Spotify’s Hot Hits Punjabi.

Dhillon’s journey in the music industry began in 2019, and he quickly won the hearts of millions of music fans worldwide. From the heartfelt ‘Saada Pyaar’ to the iconic anthem ‘Brown Munde,’ each of his tracks has contributed to his immense popularity and a continuously growing fan base.

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