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Archaeologists Stumble Upon Ancient Rock Art in Caves of TN

Archaeologists Stumble Upon Ancient Rock Art in Caves of TN

photo credit: Bradshaw Foundation

CHENNAI, (IANS) – A group of archaeologists who were on a research purpose in a cave near Ikuntham in Kothapalli Village of Krishnagiri have stumbled upon rock arts, ancient black and red pottery, and microlithic tools belonging to different historical periods.

The rock arts which are two meters long and one meter tall, depict some religious activity. In the art, a group of people is seen standing carrying weapons in their hands while offering animals as sacrifices to the gods. Archaeologist, C. Govindaraj who is also curator of Government Museum said, “In this cave art other than the men offering animals as sacrifice to god, a man, and a woman are seen mounted on a horse and mostly they would be the leaders of the group”.

The eminent archaeologist said that the rock arts would have been drawn before 300 AD as the horses had saddles and that is a relatively new development.

However, he said that the microlithic tools that were found on the site were at least 6,000 years old and would have been used to hunt animals. He said that archaeological department of Tamil Nadu will send these microlithic tools for Carbon dating to ascertain their age.

The noted archaeologist also said that the cave could accommodate at least 50 people at a time and said that he would send a letter to the state government recommending this place for excavation to conduct more research.

The black and red pottery found in the cave, according to archaeologists, was of megalithic period.

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