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Arijit Singh Croons For The Broken Soul

Arijit Singh Croons For The Broken Soul

NEW DELHI, (IANS) – Arijit Singh’s song ‘Rooh Jaga Doon’, a mellifluous track laden with electronic influences, acoustic instrumentation, and some ambient rock, talks about awakening an uninspired soul to life.

The music video of the six-minute track showcases his band playing inside the studio, producing the track, and recording their samples, intercutting with scenes of the group listening to their recording, and horsing around on their instruments.

In this proper ambient rock song, Arijit Singh gives some of his finest vocal performances ever, high-pitched and very soulful with complex instrumentation, featuring a somewhat progressive rock side of him with some technical instrumentation, and even a kind of jazzy guitar solo.

Apart from that, the track has an impeccable sense of melody.

The bass is highlighted very well while the rest of the instruments are also given their own space to shine, with all the electronic samples being perfectly audible.

It is a mainstream track that has elements of everything, ranging from pop, rock, electronic and even a flair of some filmy music. 

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