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‘Arikki Murikki’ Ingenious Blend Of Folk, Classical & Film Music

‘Arikki Murikki’ Ingenious Blend Of Folk, Classical & Film Music

CHENNAI, (IANS) – Renowned music composer Sam C.S has released the new track for actor Jai’s new vigilante-thriller-legal-drama series ‘Label’.

Titled ‘Arikki Murikki’, the song is a very ingenious blend of folk, classical, and film music.

While Jai is going to be more in the style of Daredevil from Marvel comics as a lawyer and vigilante in the film, ‘Arikki Murikki’ doesn’t reflect that much. Whether you understand the language or not it makes little difference, because the vibe coming from the track is peppy and yet somewhat ominous, making it rather suspense filled.

The intro feels very threatening in the same vein as a lot of Tamil action movies and serials, as it is usually created out by similar instrumentation which usually leads to a buildup to some kind of action or murder.

While it starts like this, the composition takes a turn as it soon becomes rather positive, making you feel all peppy and excited. Most of the composition is heavily vocal and rhythm-driven driven and as such, the vocals of Ganna Guna and the percussive arrangements are clever.

Mixing in aggressively spoken words with a kind of gangsta hip-hop style before suddenly switching over to singing pop-like filmy melodies, the whole track feels rather ominous.

The production here is very clear and rather rustic, so there is not much polishing here making it feel somewhat raw. While every instrument is audible, the vocals and percussive instruments are deliberately given a greater room as they carry most of the song.

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