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Arizona State Representative Amish Shah Announces Run For Congress


Arizona State Representative Amish Shah Announces Run For Congress

India-West Staff Reporter

PHOENIX, AZ –Arizona State Representative Dr. Amish Shah has announced his candidacy for U.S. Congress. The seat is currently held by a Republican and is considered a toss-up.

Democrat t Shah will contest in the primary against three other candidates scheduled for August 6.  

The emergency physician has since 2019 been representing districts in Phoenix in the Arizona House of Representatives. The statement from his office said,

“Dr. Shah knows how important it is to meet people where they are. He has made a name for himself with his unique brand of door-to-door campaigning, having visited over 15,000 households. He has also honed his ability to find common ground with colleagues in any party to produce legislation that will improve the lives of constituents.”

The campaign office pointed out, “to date, Dr. Shah has had more bills signed into law than any other Democrat currently in the Arizona legislature and has received over a dozen awards for the quality of his service. In Congress, he will continue this diligent engagement with Arizonans, taking their problems and ideas straight to Washington to create meaningful change.”

Shah said, “Giving back is a core value for me. Because of the sacrifices of my parents, whom both came to this country from India to pursue a better life, I was able to become a doctor, work on the field with the NFL, and be the first Indian American to serve in the Arizona legislature. We need to try to understand each other and navigate our differences. if we hope to tackle vital issues facing our counties such as public education, quality affordable health care, climate change, and voting rights. It would be an honor to address these issues on behalf of Arizonans in the U.S. Congress.”

On abortion, the release said, Shah was named 2022 Women’s Health Care Champion Legislator of the Year by the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology for his work protecting reproductive rights.”

Voter rights, it pointed out was also big for Shah, “When Arizona faced unprecedented attacks on our electoral process, Dr. Shah stood firm in protecting the sacred right to vote. He has voted against every bill that sought to restrict ease of voting and obstruct access to the ballot.”

Shah’s website has his story in his words: Growing up in Chicago, I had a rough childhood. I was bullied, and there were times I would go to my room and pray that God would just take my life, because there seemed to be no safe place for me. But somewhere around 6th grade, an unexpected happened. Two teachers, Mrs. Weber, and Ms. Meres took an interest in me, not just as a good student, but as a good person. They saw I needed support, and gave me kindness, generosity, and encouragement.

Eventually, I paid my own way through medical school, allowing me to build an independent and fulfilling career as an ER doctor. I became a faculty member, educator, researcher, and even worked with the NFL. You see, this story would be unlikely in other places like India where my parents grew up. But I was born in America, and the American people cared for me and invested in me.

I know how our kids need our full support and encouragement to reach their potential, especially here in Arizona where we have an underfunded and broken system. So, I will strive to ensure every kid gets a real shot like I did. I will demand that teachers get paid well and treated with respect. And I will push for quality, affordable healthcare for everyone, so you don’t have to choose between your medicine and your rent. Join us, and let’s get it done.

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