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Art Needs Support: Dancer Mayuri Upadhya


Art Needs Support: Dancer Mayuri Upadhya

NEW DELHI, (IANS) – Stressing that it is paramount for governments to think afresh and take radical measures to usher in a revolution in the arts sector, dancer, and choreographer Mayuri Upadhya feels that the best way to do that would be to identify key change makers in arts in the country and back them fully.

“When empowered, these individuals can take instrumental measures that will push the envelope in every way. Being experienced and specialists in their fields, they would know what is lacking where,” she says.

“A corpus funds can be created, and companies can be adopted for at least five years. Participation of governments and the corporate sector, and a synergy between them can play an important role,” she says.

Upadhya, who entered her domain at the age of six, says that for most when they look at a dancer, it is only as a dancer and the grammar of it. However, the kind of opportunities she has encountered have led her to explore several more realms of the art form.

“From performing and choreographing to running a dance company has given me a peculiar perspective. Designing creative education syllabus for schools, and curating dance segments for major festivals… The shifting perspectives and drawing a circle around the dots have led me to view dance from all angles. And not to forget — dance is like a mold of clay that can constantly change shapes — ones I want to play with, break, and recreate,” she says.

Adding that creative education for children must be taken more seriously, the artiste feels that the same is not just about teaching them steps but also making them realize how physical moves engage with the soul.

“The movement of their bodies makes them travel inwards,” she says, adding that creating original productions with more socio-political significance is next for her.

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