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ASEI’s Artificial Intelligence Summit Highlights Augmented AI for Social Good, Data, AI Ethics

ASEI’s Artificial Intelligence Summit Highlights Augmented AI for Social Good, Data, AI Ethics

ASEI’s 2021 AI Summit highlights augmented AI for social good, data and AI ethics. Speakers attending the AI Summit included several Indian American executives. (photo provided)

The American Society of Engineers of Indian Origin April 24 held its 2021 Artificial Intelligence Summit, highlighting augmented AI for social good, data and AI ethics.

The summit featured a number of researchers, authors, speakers and experts covering AI from multiple perspectives: Augmented Intelligence with Data, AI/ML solutions for social benefit; and AI applications for enterprise and AI Ethics, ASEI said in a news release.

AI Summit chair Piyush Malik, who has been working in the Data and AI domain for over 25 years and currently as the senior vice president at SpringML, a Google partner startup in Silicon Valley, opened the summit by giving a bird’s eye view of the AI landscape, the real life and enterprise application opportunities, as well as set the stage for the plenary segment where the theme was AI for Society.

The Indian American executive’s message of support for AI for social benefit and data philanthropy fostered through interactions with ASEI leadership was complemented by the next speaker, Dr. Sundar Sundareshwaran, an AI Fellow at the World Economic Forum, according to the ASEI release.

At WEF, Sundareshwaran is co-creating a governance framework with a multi-stakeholder community for the use of Chatbots in healthcare, amongst other initiatives, which he talked about in detail having an impact in the COVID era, ASEI said.

The summit also featured authors who spoke about their respective work and the impact each of them are having in the field of AI. Among the speakers were Dr. Valiappa Lakshmanan, director for data analytics and AI solutions at Google Cloud; Dr. Raj Ramesh, a TEDx speaker who has a doctorate in AI; and Ashish Bansal, who has previously worked in AI/ML and recommendation systems for Twitter and Capital One and currently is a director at Twitch.

The summit wrapped with the section “Women in Data & AI” which featured a lively and colorful “Ethics in AI” discussion between Dr. Sindhu Joseph, CEO of Cognicor with six patents in AI, and Bala Sahejpal, SVP at DataRobot, with Piyanka Jain, president and CEO of Aryng, moderating.

ASEI said that this session underscored the need for diversity in organizations and in startups developing AI algorithms and attention and investment in branches of AI that have the potential to bring about fairness.

The AI Summit showed the attendees the depth of AI/ML experience and thought leadership amongst the Indian diaspora and ASEI members, and gave a glimpse of the richness of its collaborations with national and international professional bodies, according to the ASEI release.

As is evident from recent events and newsletters, ASEI has had a great 2021 so far with a large number of activities and new programs such as MentorConnect, UniversityConnect and YouthPrograms to serve its members’ interests and build the next generation of engineers and technologists, it said.

ASEI is a not-for-profit organization that provides a platform for networking, career advancement, community service, mentoring and technology exchange for professionals, students and businesses in the United States and abroad.

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