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At Gauri’s Book Release, SRK Sparkles With Humor, Anecdotes

At-Gauris-Book-Release-SRK-Sparkles-With-Humor-Anecdotes India West

At Gauri’s Book Release, SRK Sparkles With Humor, Anecdotes

MUMBAI (ANI) – Actor Shah Rukh Khan on May 15 launched Gauri Khan’s coffee table book ‘My Life in Design‘ on interior design.

During a media interaction, King Khan also spoke about his relationship with his wife and how it’s more than just a husband’s duty to be there.

The actor said, “Gauri and I have known each for years – she was 14, I was 18 and we have known each other for years and sometimes when you know each other for years, a sense of appreciation for each other’s work starts diminishing because you take each other for granted. I have been doing what I do for a long time and Gauri has played her part in the best way possible. We’ve raised three beautiful children. She has been a wife of a movie star who became extremely popular because of the grace of god and people.”

SRK further said “There is a mediocre sense of creativity in our whole family including our ten-year-old (AbRam). I think 23 to 24 years of our married life, we were so busy settling down in Mumbai and the overwhelming response we got from the profession that I am in just to deal with it and to lead a normal life and bring up children that she never realized that there was an aspect of Her’s which needed to some kind of life. This book I think stands for all of that.”

The book also features some exclusive images of their Mumbai residence ‘Mannat’.

Shah Rukh said: “When we bought Mannat, it was way beyond our means, and once we were done buying the house, we didn’t have money to decorate it. We hired a designer, only to realize we couldn’t afford him. So, I turned to Gauri, as she had artistic talent, and asked her to be the designer for our house. Mannat started like that, and over time, we earned and kept buying little stuff for the house. We even once went to South Africa to buy leather for the sofas, and I think that training ground got her into designing.”

The ‘Chak De India‘ actor also showered praises on her wife during the interaction.

He said, “She is the busiest in our whole house and when I ask her why she works so much, she says it satisfies her. The material end of it all is not important. We all must have dinner together and at those dinners we discuss how was your day at work and at the end of the dinner, the discussion is that it was a satisfying day. Because she believes a satisfying day is a happy day. So, thank you Gauri for giving this success mantra to the family.”

SRK then spoke about how his wife Gauri started her work on her own. He shared that even though he offered to help her, she refused. He said, “It doesn’t make a difference to all the youngsters, to all the people who miss out on a dream of their life to be creative. You can start at any age. I think Gauri started mid-40s.” Gauri, corrected him saying that she started working at the age of 40. Flaunting his iconic smile, Shah Rukh then said: “40? Oh, only 40. She is 37 now. In our family, we age backward.”

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