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At Indian Embassy, Vivek Murthy Speaks Of The Value Of Service

At Indian Embassy, Vivek Murthy Speaks Of The Value Of Service

WASHINGTON, DC (ANI) – The partnership between India and the United States “has become more important than ever,” U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy said on November 20, underscoring the close cooperation to fight the COVID-19 pandemic between the two democracies. The top official of the Biden administration lauded India and US’ commitment to lead the global effort to end the COVID-19 pandemic and stressed how the partnership between India and US could take on any future pandemic.

“I’m grateful for this partnership that we have between the United States and India. I think it hasn’t only been important in the past, but it will be even more important going forward. And it’s these kinds of partnerships that allow us to pace down and take on any future pandemic that may come our way,” Murthy asserted.

Murthy was addressing an event held by India’s envoy in the US Taranjit Singh Sandhu.

Citing the personal story of his father who hailed from a village in Tamil Nadu and faced financial hardships never gave up on helping others in the village. Murthy added that it was his grandfather and father who taught him about how one must selflessly lift those who may be the most vulnerable.

“Our countries share a number of common challenges. We share a fierce commitment to ensuring that we lift everyone up when it comes to access to health care or investments in prevention,” Murthy further added.

Sandhu, while addressing senior members of the Biden administration, representatives from the US Administration and Congress and members of the Indian diaspora, stressed the effort and cooperation between the two to combat the Covid-19 pandemic.

Aruna Miller, the Lieutenant Governor-Elect of the state of Maryland who was also present at the event, said besides her own election in 2022, there were over 30 Indian Americans that got elected to state legislatures, county elected offices as mayors and as judges and Indian Americans have also expanded their influence in US Congress.

Miller said the ties between India and the United States could not be stronger. “The United States and India both recognize their strengths and success lies in pluralism and democracy,” she added.

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