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Avid Broadway Fan Vaani Kapoor Lands In NYC

Avid Broadway Fan Vaani Kapoor Lands In NYC

Avid Broadway Fan Vaani Kapoor Lands In NYC

MUMBAI, (IANS) – Actress Vaani Kapoor is an avid fan of larger-than-life, blockbuster musicals for which she traveled to New York City to witness the operatic musicals of Broadway.

During her trip to the US, the ‘War’ actress admitted that she has always loved musicals and finds them very inspiring.

Detailing her love for musicals, Vaani said: “I’ve always loved watching musicals. Recently, during my trip to New York, I got a chance to see some popular musicals back-to-back.”

She continued, “A live play or musical is so alluring with each moment so well enhanced on stage that it can never be duplicated. I’ve always felt lighter, happier and have been creatively inspired by it”.

Adding to her statement, she said, “The energy and immersion of being in a Broadway theater with a live audience is unbeatable. Going back to Broadway shows is like going back for a little more magic making every moment truly immersive and unparalleled.”

The musicals she witnessed on Broadway included theatre performances of the popular animated feature ‘Aladdin’. The visually stunning production is enjoyably pantomime-inspired, where the characters break the fourth wall and speak directly to the audience.

The day after that, she watched the musical ‘Six’ also known as ‘Six: A pop concert’ due to the musical being performed in a pop concert fashion featuring the six ex-wives of Henry the Eight.

Her final viewing was completed with the Tony Award-winning production ‘MJ’. The show is peppered with poignant moments and classic songs from the legendary dance icon and ‘King of Pop’ Michael Jackson’s prolific lifetime.

Vaani Kapoor will be seen headlining two very different projects – ‘Sarvagunn Sampanna’, a comedy film from Maddock Films and the crime-thriller series ‘Mandala Murders’ which is a Yash Raj Films OTT production.

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