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Ayushmann On Professional Highs, Personal Lows In 2023


Ayushmann On Professional Highs, Personal Lows In 2023

MUMBAI, (IANS) – Bollywood actor Ayushmann Khurrana professionally had a phenomenal year, but he says 2023 has been a “mixed bag of emotions” due to a personal loss.

Ayushmann said: “Professionally, 2023 was very special and it gave me a lot of love and respect. To be awarded by the prestigious TIME Magazine again for my cinematic choices was humbling. I proudly represented India and Indian cinema globally at an event that the entire world watched. For me, that’s a massive personal milestone.”

“As an Indian, I felt a lot of joy that our culture and our cinema is making its presence felt loudly and is being celebrated in every corner of the world. To be recognized by TIME twice in three years is an unbelievable feeling for me. It is stuffing that dreams are made of.”

“I’m happy they consider my work is contributing towards societal change, towards nation building,” she added.

For Ayushmann, 2023 was perfect because he again delivered ‘Dream Girl 2’.

He said: “Nothing tastes sweeter than box office success and I’m glad that Dream Girl 2 gave me a theatrical hit that I will cherish forever. As actors, we live and die every Friday and I’m glad that I could rejoice the Friday of Dream Girl 2’s release.”

In 2023, UNICEF recognized him as a youth icon who could usher in a positive change for India.

He says: “I have always tried to do my bit to give back and use my voice to support the rights of children. It was amazing to be appointed as the UNICEF National Ambassador this year and grow within this organization that is aiding and transforming the lives of millions worldwide.”

Despite all the success that the year presented to Ayushmann, he also suffered a big personal loss. He lost his father, a void that he feels he will never be able to fill.

He said: “2023 has given me a mixed bag of emotions honestly. Personally, I have suffered a great loss. I lost my father; we all lost our reason to smile. We had to hold each other to soak in that sinking, empty feeling and tide over insurmountable sorrow.”

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