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‘Baahubali’ Introduced India As A Single Cinematic Nation: Rana Daggubati


‘Baahubali’ Introduced India As A Single Cinematic Nation: Rana Daggubati

MUMBAI, (IANS)Rana Daggubati, who attained pan-India fame after he played Bhallaladeva in ‘Baahubali’, has said that the film introduced India as a single cinematic nation to the world.

The Telugu star was present at the press event for the pan-India superhero film ‘Hanu Man’ in Mumbai on January 8. He was present along with the cast and crew of the film, and introduced the lead actor, Teja Sajja, to everyone present.

Talking about Teja Sajja, he said, “We all are from Telugu cinema and if we talk about Telugu cinema, it is incomplete without our mega star Chiranjeevi. Teja played the role of a child artiste in his iconic film ‘Indra’, which made him a huge star.”

Rana added: “In Telugu cinema, everyone is a huge fan of Teja. He has been working in films since he was two and a half years old.”

Talking about his association with Hindi cinema and Mumbai, Rana said, “Let me tell you, everyone in South India is really scared of the press people here. Jokes apart, I came here 10 years ago, not knowing anything, not even the language. But the media people are so loving here.”

Talking about pan-India films becoming the big thing now, he said, “When I first came to Mumbai, I felt there are so many filmmakers in the country, but they don’t know what is happening in different parts of the country.

“In the South, no one knew what was happening in Hindi cinema and vice versa. I knew cinema never had a boundary. So, I started a little bit of work there and it needed one film.

“‘Baahubali’ was the answer and it made everyone see India as a single cinematic nation. A lot more will happen now.”

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