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Benefits Of Frankincense Essential Oil


Benefits Of Frankincense Essential Oil

Frankincense essential oil is usually known as the “king of essential oils” because of its various benefits and versatility of use.

Anti-aging properties: Frankincense is a powerful antioxidant which is why it has anti-aging properties. Antioxidants help to combat free radicals, which are highly reactive molecules with unpaired electrons. As the free radicals move around the body, looking for an electron to pair with, they can damage DNA, which accelerates the aging process. Also, antioxidants help to slow down and halt the damage caused by free radicals. This helps with the rejuvenation of the skin.

Balancing and moisturizing: Frankincense oil has become a popular ingredient in skincare, products such as lotion or moisturizers. Frankincense oil has moisturizing properties, which keep the skin from drying out. It also helps to tackle discoloration and redness which helps the skin tone look balanced and even.

Anti-inflammatory: Frankincense helps in soothing the skin and reducing inflammation, which is great for managing acne.

Anti-bacterial: The Boswellia acids in frankincense help kill acne-causing bacteria that further prevents breakouts.

Antiseptic: Frankincense is also an antiseptic. The oil has been used for centuries for cleaning, disinfectant, aromatherapy, and general health. This can help prevent infections from setting in.

Healing: Frankincense oil is a natural astringent. It helps heal skin imperfections and conditions like acne and wounds. Because of its healing properties, it also helps in reducing the appearance of stretch marks and scars.

Prevents clogged pores: It helps prevent clogged pores, and spots, by reducing sebum production in individuals with oily skin.

Protects the skin: This essential oil is popular in skincare as a deep moisturizer which helps protect the skin from damage caused by dryness. It keeps skin cells strong, plump and maintains elasticity.

Healthy hair maintenance: Frankincense oil is not just popular in skincare products but in hair care too. The oil can help keep hair shiny and moisturized and at the same time can even prevent dandruff. It helps in preventing the scalp from getting dry and flaky. It can also soothe the hair follicles which further helps in facilitating hair growth.

Soothing razor bumps: Frankincense essential oil if applied after the razor can greatly help skin feel and look rejuvenated and avoid any razor bumps.

Promotes healthy nails: Likewise, apply a few drops of frankincense essential oils to your nails and massage them, it will help to maintain healthy-looking nails that are strong and well-nourished around the cuticles and edges.

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