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Beras Hold Fundraiser for David Min Running For Congress

Beras Hold Fundraiser for David Min Running For Congress

Beras Hold Fundraiser for David Min Running For Congress

Photo: From Left: Navneet Chugh, Pallavi Dhawan, hosts Rimal and Tina Bera, Senator David Min, Payal Sawhney, Babulal Bera, and Dr. Rohit Kohli.

By Balween Kaur

IRVINE, CA –  Rimal and Tina Bera on March 23 held a fundraiser for David Min who is running for Congress from the 47th district.

California’s 47th is an open Congressional District in Orange County that includes the cities of Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach, Irvine, Newport Beach, and Seal Beach, and portions of Laguna Beach, Laguna Hills, and Laguna Woods. Incumbent Katie Porter is vacating the seat to run for U.S. Senate.

In his speech, Min pointed out that Orange County voters trust him to fight for Democratic values in Congress because that’s precisely what he’s been doing right here at home. Elected in 2020, David Min, a California State Senator, has emerged as a relentless advocate, shepherding 28 bills into law that reflect the core principles of progressivism and equality.

Among his notable achievements are laws enshrining abortion rights in the California Constitution, expanding protections for survivors of domestic violence, and implementing measures to address the urgent challenges posed by our climate crisis. Additionally, he has championed initiatives banning gun sales on state property, demonstrating a commitment to public safety.

A first-generation Korean American and a product of California’s public education system, David is deeply rooted in the values of diversity and opportunity, said host Rimal Bera to India West, “Min’s decision to run for Congress stems from his desire to uphold the American Dream that inspired his parents to immigrate to this country. He believes in creating an inclusive society where everyone has a fair chance to succeed, prioritizing environmental sustainability, education, and the safety of our communities.”

David’s journey is emblematic of the American Dream he seeks to protect. Born to Korean American parents who immigrated to the United States in pursuit of education, David was raised in Palo Alto before attending the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard Law School. Prior to his tenure in the California State Senate, David served as an assistant law professor at the University of California, Irvine, focusing on banking, capital markets, and real estate finance.

Host Rimal Bera’s brother who is Congressman Ami Bera spoke at the fundraiser via video and said that “David’s dedication to public service is evident throughout his career and that Min would make a great Congressman”. From his time as a staff attorney at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to his role as economic policy director at the Center for American Progress, he has consistently advocated for policies that benefit working families and promote economic opportunity.

Beyond his legislative accomplishments, David’s personal life reflects his commitment to making a difference. He met his wife, Jane, while attending Harvard Law School, and together they are raising their three children in Irvine. Payal Sawhney, founder of Saahas, a domestic relief agency told India West that “Jane is a passionate advocate for family law and domestic violence prevention, and has been instrumental in David’s efforts to pass legislation protecting survivors of domestic abuse.”

Min has received endorsements from key figures like Katie Porter, and the LA Times. Attorney Navneet Chugh, a supporter of Min, said “in David Min, Orange County finds a dedicated leader who embodies the values of resilience, compassion, and progress, and as he seeks to represent California’s 47th congressional district, he carries with him a legacy of service and a determination to enact meaningful change.”

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