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Bhumi Pednekar: Parenting Needs to Change

Bhumi Pednekar: Parenting Needs to Change

MUMBAI – Bumble, the women-first dating app, has partnered with the popular Bhumi Pednekar in India to show some of the gendered inequalities women face in dating and relationships.

The campaign aims to raise awareness of the ‘Romance Gap’ – the discrepancy in behaviour expected from men and women when dating and in relationships.

In an engaging and evocative video, Pednekar shared anecdotes on the deeply ingrained traditional gender roles and the expectations which exist in dating. Through this campaign, Bumble and Bhumi urge viewers to make romance equal by taking steps to bridge the romance gap.

More from Bhumi Pednekar:

Q: What are your thoughts on old and dated gendered inequalities in romantic relationships?

Bhumi: It’s actually convoluted. People don’t have the awareness that things need to be equal in life. Most women are taught to obey whatever is being said, while men defying rules Is considered brave and bold. So, it all starts back home. Unless the parenting doesn’t change, nothing will.

Q: Have you faced gender inequality in any of your past relationships? A little bit on what was it or how did you tackle?

Bhumi: No, I haven’t really faced any gender inequality. But yes, men do have expectations in a relationship or marriage. But I feel in the last few years a certain level of understanding has seeped in men.

Q: How was it working on a campaign which addresses an issue that is so prevalent in the society we live in?

Bhumi: Nothing is more empowering than striking a positive conversation and it feels purposeful to be a part of such a strong campaign. It’s a belief system that we are trying to challenge and change.

Q: What would you expect from a relationship?

Bhumi: There definitely needs to be mutual respect and unconditional love. We should be able to empower and be building blocks for one another.

Q: A little bit about your upcoming projects.

Bhumi: I have ‘Govinda Mera Naam’ with Vicky and Kiara, ‘Raksha Bandhan’ with AK sir, ‘Bheed’ with Rajkumar and ‘Bhakshak,’ amongst many that I’m still shooting.

Q: What is that one piece of dating advice you would give to young single daters?

Bhumi: Date smart and date fair. Life is not a bed of roses and love is not a sprint, it’s a marathon so make it worthwhile

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