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Biopic Follows Story Of India’s Only Female Sumo Wrestler, Hetal Dave


Biopic Follows Story Of India’s Only Female Sumo Wrestler, Hetal Dave

MUMBAI, (IANS) – The upcoming biopic titled ‘Sumo Didi’ will tell the story of India’s only professional female sumo wrestler Hetal Dave and will star Shriyam Bhagnani as its lead. The teaser of the film featuring actress Shriyam showcases her in a tough and determined character, grappling with ropes as she trains for her part of a sumo wrestler.

The film, which also stars Nitesh Pandey, Chaitanya Sharma, and Raghav Dhir, has been helped by Jayant Rohatgi.

For Shriyam Bhagnani, portraying the character of Hetal Dave, is a “great honor”. She said, “Preparing for this role has been both demanding and rewarding, and I am thankful for the chance to embody such a courageous and influential figure on screen. I hope that our film will inspire women of all ages to chase their dreams and never give up, no matter the challenges they face”.

Hetal Dave, the inspiration behind the series, made history as India’s first and only female sumo wrestler, and in 2008, she even made it into the Limca Book of Records. She has represented India in various international championships, including Poland, Finland, Estonia, and Taiwan. In the 2009 World Games, she placed fifth in the women’s middleweight category.

Sumo wrestling is not among the recognized sports in India, even then Dave has represented India in several competitions, and has recorded her name in the world’s 150 fearless women.

Shriyam further mentioned, “For me, this is a grand debut, and I recognize the weight of the significant responsibility I am undertaking, quite literally. As a biopic based on a real-life individual, I consider it my greatest responsibility to portray Hetal Mam’s journey accurately in Sumo Didi. It’s my sincere desire to do justice to her story and legacy through my performance in the film”.

As per sources, Shriyam underwent several months of rigorous physical training to transform herself for the role, collaborating with celebrity trainer Sahil Rasheed to build muscle mass and enhance her athleticism. To achieve a more authentic appearance, the actress has also gained a considerable amount of weight.

The film, produced by Jio Studios, will be released soon.

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