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Black Forest Coffee Blast

Black Forest Coffee Blast

By Girish Chandra

Serve Ware: 360 ml Pilsner glass or Linz glass


* Milk (100 ml)

* Espresso (1 Shot — 30ml)

* Vanilla ice cream 2 scoops (200 ml)

* Chocolate syrup (20ml)

* Ice cubes (40gms) (around 3 to 4 cubes)

* Whipped cream (1 shot — 30gms)

* Choco chip muffin (1 muffin — 80gms)

* Monin Irish syrup (15ml)


* Blend together milk, Espresso, ice cubes and vanilla icice cream for 20 seconds. Then add half portion of muffin, Irish flavor, and blend about 10 to 15 seconds

* Take a pilsner glass, in the bottom of the glass pour chocolate syrup and roll glass to coat it, pour mixture into glass, add shot of whipped cream, take another half portion of muffin cut into two pieces and keep on the top of whipped cream. 

* Garnish with drop of Irish syrup and sprinkle muffin chunks.

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