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Bobby Deol Shines In Role As Mute Villain

Bobby Deol Shines In Role As Mute Villain

NEW DELHI, (IANS) – Actor Bobby Deol is ecstatic with the appreciation he is getting for his portrayal of a menacing mute antagonist in his latest release ‘Animal’, something which he said was not easy and for which he had to learn sign language to make it look authentic.

Asked how much it tested him as an actor to play a chaotic and menacing mute antagonist, Bobby said, “I wanted to play a character which was out of my comfort zone. I want it to be more challenging because it brings the best out of a person, and I think that’s what happened me.”

He said he was stunned when director Sandeep Reddy Vanga told him he had no lines in the film.

“When Sandeep said that your character is mute, I was like ‘What? I am not allowed to speak… I mean everyone likes the way I speak’ and he said ‘Yes, but I want this character to be mute’ I was like ok,” Bobby recounted.

The actor, who is getting all the love for his performance and his perfectly chiseled physique in the film, did not mince words when he said he was “nervous”.

“I didn’t know how I’d go about it, but it made it more exciting and challenging for me. For 1 month I learned to sign language and it helped.”

His hard work paid off, quite literally.

“I did not want it to look like it was not part of my body language, and I was speaking in sign language, so it was fun and somewhere it made people notice my work even more because it was challenging,” said the son of Bollywood veteran star Dharmendra.

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