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Book On Sushruta Rishi Released

Book On Sushruta Rishi Released

India-West Staff Reporter

A new book, ‘Hindu Surgery & Sushruta Paperback’ written by California-based author Swati Mhaiskar has been released.

The slim book tries to establish that advanced surgery techniques originated in India and to give credit to Sushruta Rishi. Although many acknowledge the fact that Sushruta is the father of plastic surgery, the author argues, they fail to recognize that he is also the inventor of many advanced surgery techniques that were never seen anywhere in the world 7,500 years ago. Sushruta and his trained students were carrying out ophthalmic, oral, orthopedic surgeries, etc., when other civilizations had only a shallow understanding of human anatomy, she says.

Her research, she claims, also rectifies one more common mistake, “In academia, Sushruta is incorrectly dated to 500 BCE, although Sushruta existed around 5,561 BCE, if not before.”

Mhaiskar’s aim is, “to help Indians rediscover themselves and realize the grandiosity of Hindu science and thought,” arguing that the book, “illustrates that Hinduism did not impede the study of human anatomy, unlike other religions.”

The self-published book can be found on Amazon, press note said.  

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