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Brand Kerala Toddy Gets The Nod

Brand Kerala Toddy Gets The Nod

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM, (IANS) – Kerala’s popular toddy, often known as the poor man’s scotch, has got the nod from the government to brand all toddy produced in the state as Kerala Toddy.

Another boost to toddy came when the sanction was accorded for all hotels which are three-star and above besides resorts located in tourist spots to tap fresh toddy and serve it to guests.

There was a time when the toddy shops in the state were known more for their unclean environment than for toddy. Around 3,500 such shops will now get a classification depending on the facilities that they will be offering.

A decision has also been made to promote the planting of trees to increase toddy production in the state.

Toddy tapped in Kerala is available in two varieties, one from the coconut trees and the other from the palm trees. Toddy tapped from the coconut bunches is collected in a mud pot. Due to the sediment in the pot, the juice which is like the color of milk that gets collected in four hours’ time gets fermented, and has an alcohol content of 5 to 8 percent. About 1.5 liters of toddy is collected both in the morning and evening from one bunch. 

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