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Buy Indian, Hold Weddings In India Modi Tells Citizens

Buy Indian, Hold Weddings In India Modi Tells Citizens

NEW DELHI, (IANS) – Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday questioned those families who organize weddings in foreign countries and urged people to hold such functions within India.

In the 107th episode of his monthly broadcast program of ‘Mann Ki Baat’, the Prime Minister said, “The wedding season has commenced now. Some trade organizations estimate that there could be business of around Rs 5 lakh crore during this wedding season. While shopping for weddings, all of you should give importance to products made in India only.”

“If we celebrate the festivities of marriages on Indian soil, among the people of India, the country’s money will remain in the country. The people of the country will get an opportunity to render some service at your wedding… even poor people will tell their children about that occasion. Why don’t we hold such wedding ceremonies in our own country? It is possible that the kind of system you want may not be there today, but if we organize such events, systems will also develop,” he said.

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  • Bad idea.

    1) Need a strong family and friend support or this does not work. Nothing is easy to navigate in India or any place away from home for that matter.
    2) Deceit. Gets very expensive for an NRI from the west to do anything in India including India with people extending their palm to be filled with notes. and getting run around.
    3) Would be very expensive to take a 100K wedding in the USA to India. It would cost $300K. Not to mention the cost of travel and hotels, which could alone pay for the wedding in USA. Not expensive when you consider the options available in the USA…..can complete one from $50K to $100K and get a lot for it.
    4) Great if you want to limit the guests to a small immediate family. Then Hawaii to starts to sound good.
    5) Things like food and illnesses are a huge risk
    6) Safety. A huge factor to complete close to home.

    November 27, 2023
    • You missed the point completely. He is talking to Indian citizens, living in India, to hold weddings in India. He is not urging NRIs to hold weddings on Indian soil.

      November 27, 2023

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