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CA Doctor Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Co-Worker

CA-Doctor-Accused-Of-Sexually-Assaulting-Co-Worker. India West

CA Doctor Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Co-Worker

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (IANS) – An Indian American doctor is facing sexual assault charges for inappropriately touching a co-worker at a medical facility in California.

Rachandeep Singh, a medical director at the River Pointe Post-Acute Care Facility in Carmichael, was arrested on June 17 at the San Francisco International Airport and was booked into custody at the San Mateo County Jail.

The Ludhiana-educated doctor was released on bail the same day and is scheduled to appear in court in Sacramento on August 17 for his alleged sexual misconduct, the Sacramento County Sheriff Office said.

The office began an investigation after receiving a report of a sexual assault on April 26.

The victim, an employee at the medical facility, alleged that her Singh touched her sexually against her will.

Based on the subsequent investigation results, the District Attorney’s Office elected to file felony sexual battery charges against Singh.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, Singh was removed from the River Pointe Post-Acute Care Facility by their administration.

He oversaw at least two other facilities as the medical director in the City of Stockton and the San Joaquin County areas.

Due to Singh’s position in several areas throughout the region, detectives are looking for other potential victims, the Sheriff’s Office said.

A Conan Daily report said that Singh graduated from Dayanand Medical College in Ludhiana in 2001 with a medical degree.

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  • DEPORT this Bastard

    June 21, 2023
  • There is a rule of law in this country. No person is guilty until proven in the court of law and the person was treated fairly and was granted the due process of law.

    June 21, 2023
  • This Doctor should be imprisoned and then deported back to his country of origin.

    He may be capable running away from USA before Aug.17th.

    June 21, 2023
  • Sexual assault are very common events. Unless proved in court, it is sometime used by the victim to extract revenge or favor or money against the perpetrator. Definition of sexual assault is wide and not black or white. So while examining or touching a woman, she may believe that she was violated. When a male doctor is dealing with a woman patient, it is always prudence to have a female staff in presence. Moreover, I would also suggest a male doctor not to joke with any woman because interpretation may be made inappropriately. Further, if you, a male doctor, has urge for sexual activity, go frequent call girls by paying appropriate amount. There are plenty of such women in USA rather than jeopardizing your profession, reputation, and income by doing same with a patient or a random woman.

    If you Rachandeep believe that you did not do what you are accused of, hire a competent attorney with speciality in this (sexual assault) field.

    June 22, 2023

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