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California Rolls Back Caste-Bias Case Against Indian Engineers; Suit Against Cisco Continues


California Rolls Back Caste-Bias Case Against Indian Engineers; Suit Against Cisco Continues


WASHINGTON, DC (IANS) – California has dropped its allegations of caste-based bias by two employees of IT giant Cisco but will continue the larger case against the company.

The California Civil Rights Department (CRD) filed its request for “partial dismissal” in the Superior Court of California, County of Santa Clara on April 10.

“Only the two individual defendants are being dismissed,” said the department’s press office in response to a request for clarification. “CRD’s case against Cisco remains ongoing. We will continue to vigorously litigate the matter on behalf of the people of California.”

California’s Department of Fair Employment and Housing had filed the case in 2020 based on a complaint from an unidentified Dalit employee of the company making it the first case of caste-based discrimination reported in the US. The lawsuit was filed against Cisco System Inc for alleged caste-based discrimination against the Dalit staffer by two of his supervisors Sundar Iyer and Ramana Kompella. He had also alleged retaliation when he complained.

This case went on to be seen as a confirmation of the existence of a typically South Asian form of discrimination in the US and it was subsequently cited in support of moves to add this practice to the list of banned grounds for bias elsewhere in the country such as recently in Seattle, WA.

“Two Indian Americans endured a nearly three-year nightmare of unending investigations, a brutal online witch hunt, and a presumption of guilt in the media after the CRD sullied their reputation alleging that they engaged in discrimination based on caste,” said Suhag Shukla, Executive Director of Hindu American Foundation, which has opposed the listing of caste among banned ground for discrimination.

“We are thrilled that Iyer and Kompella have been vindicated along with our position that the state has no right to attribute wrongdoing to Hindu and Indian Americans simply because of their religion or ethnicity,” she added.

HAF was among a group of organizations of Hindu Americans who tried to stop the city of Seattle from adding caste to the banned list of kinds of bias. It is also now part of an effort to stop California from adopting legislation banning caste-based discrimination, the first American state to do so, when, and if, that legislation becomes law.

Debate rages in the Indian American community, joined by other South Asian communities, on the question of adding caste to the list of many other kinds of bias banned in the US.

HAF, Vishwa Hindu Parishad America and other Hindu Americans argue that caste-based discrimination is reprehensible, any law banning it here in the US puts a target on the backs of the entire South Asian community, especially Hindus, by portraying them all as purveyors of this practice.

They also argue that discrimination based on caste is covered by existing laws that outlaw all kinds of bias and discrimination and there is no need for a new ban.

Their third, and final argument, is that caste bias in the US is rare and not as rampant as it has been made out to be. They have questioned data cited by supporters of the ban.

Others argue that caste-based discrimination is widely practiced among American communities of people of South Asian descent – from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal – and that it needs to be banned. No one community is being targeted and if HAF and other such organizations agree and acknowledge that caste is a reprehensible practice, they should not oppose its ban.

California state senator Aisha Wahab is among the supporters of the ban, and she has introduced legislation to make the state the first to put caste on the ban list. Kshama Sawant, the Councilmember who made Seattle the first city to ban caste, is the most vocal proponent of the movement pushing America to outlaw caste.

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  • All the upper castes will support the end of caste programs in India. Will the lower castes accept the end of programs giving them preferential quotas in schools and employment?

    The very people who speak against ill treatment fight for the “low caste status”.
    Can you blame a young person who lost a seat to an inferior candidate for looking down on the people that took their positions based on caste?

    Ask the low castes to parade in India asking the government to take down caste system in India. And watch them agree.

    April 11, 2023
  • Hindu Americans are of upper castes and lower castes. In India Christians and Muslims also have a caste system.

    I think in USA caste system discrimination should be banned. All students admissions and job applicants must be required to declare if they were admitted to a school and got an education based on caste favoritism. If so they should not be given admissions to US schools and jobs in Indian companies.

    Let me see if the caste favored agree for equality.

    Do the same for Blacks and Hispanics and all races.,

    Let’s see if the woke will go for total equality.

    April 11, 2023
  • Excellent point 👌🏻

    April 11, 2023

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