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Campaign of New York City Council Candidate Koshy Thomas Gaining Momentum

Campaign of New York City Council Candidate Koshy Thomas Gaining Momentum

Koshy Thomas, Indian American candidate for the New York City Council, addressing a recent gathering. (photo provided)

India-West Staff Reporter

The campaign of Koshy Thomas is picking up steam as the Indian American hopes to win a seat in the New York City Council’s 23rd District.

Thomas held a gathering with members of the Queens, New York, community ahead of the upcoming election this summer, according to a news release.

Thomas, in his speech, talked about his involvement with the community for the last 27 years and said he knows the community well and their concerns and aspirations.

“I consider this upcoming election as a great opportunity to serve the people in the district. There is so much to be done in terms of helping the community and the small business in these COVID times,” the candidate said. “If you walk around this district, you may see so many small businesses are closing down, and they are truly hurting. They need help with tax breaks and other financial incentives to survive in this economic downturn,” he added.

Also at the meeting, Annie Paul, a legislator from Rockland County, called for unity and encouraged everyone present at the meeting to get involved.

George Abraham, vice-chairman of the Indian Overseas Congress, encouraged the community to take advantage of this historic opportunity to place Thomas in the City Council.

Abraham lauded him for his work in the community in the last several decades as an indication of his commitment and dedication to serving the people. ‘Undoubtedly, for anyone to succeed in an election, it requires financial resources and manpower. There is no shortage of that in our community; the question is whether we are willing to help in the next two months to attain our goal,” he told the gathering.

Meanwhile, V.M. Chacko, a leading community activist in Queens over four decades, pointed out the potential the community has in this upcoming election and said, “This is not the time to be lackadaisical, and please get involved for the sake of the safety and wellbeing of our community.”

The election is set for June 22.

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