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Chef Khanna’s Book, ‘Sacred Food of India’ Now in NFT

Chef Khanna’s Book, ‘Sacred Food of India’ Now in NFT

DUBAI (ANI) – Michelin Star chef Vikas Khanna has collaborated with NFT marketplace Akshaya.io and launched his first ‘phygital’ limited-edition book ‘Sacred Foods of India’, here on June 24.
The term ‘phygital’ implies that the book will be available to purchase in both physical and NFT formats. Its first unit has been bought by Sanjeh Raja at a price of $50000.

‘Sacred Foods of India’ brings recipes of prasad and foods served at various holy places around the country. It can be ordered from the Akshaya website, and the NFT of the book will be minted immediately along with its “digital twin”.
This twin will be connected to the physical book itself and is unique to the owner of the physical copy. Further, the platform allows users to buy using their crypto wallet or any form of fiat currency.
This purchase will authenticate the originality of this limited-edition work, and ownership of the asset cannot be duplicated in any form.
‘Sacred Foods of India’ is a tribute to the culture and heritage of India with eight years of meticulous work by the chef. It’s a one-of-a-kind limited-edition luxury and a rare collectible asset with gemstones, Swarovski crystals and embellished with gold gilding.
The book comes in creatively engineered walnut and maple wooden boxes or highly limited edition (only 2) of pure sandalwood boxes, acquired with official Indian Government Certifications.
The paper used has been acquired from special sources from Italy and will last for generations. It has also been treated with embossed knurling to give that canvas painting feel. Vegetable ink sourced from Japan is used for printing the scripts. Even the glue used is vegetable glue, researched and developed in Germany.

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