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Chinmayi: Break Silence Over Sexual Harassment

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Chinmayi: Break Silence Over Sexual Harassment

CHENNAI (ANI) – Singer Chinmayi Sripaada recently spoke about the #MeToo complaint against lyricist Vairamuthu, which was made by more than 17 women. In a conversation, she emphasized the importance of political parties breaking their silence on cases of sexual harassment.

Chinmayi stated that she and Bhuvana Seshan had filed complaints with the National Commission for Women (NCW) regarding the allegations against Vairamuthu. She clarified that this constituted filing a complaint, contrary to claims that no complaints had been filed. The police came to her house to take a handwritten complaint based on the NCW complaint, demonstrating the due process followed. Chinmayi also mentioned how Bhuvana Seshan’s career had been ruined due to the power Vairamuthu wielded.

The singer shared her own experience of facing consequences in the industry after speaking out against Vairamuthu. She expressed her disappointment that his influence extended across political parties and even feminists defended him, highlighting the flawed system. Despite numerous women speaking up against him, there was still a lack of support.

Chinmayi concluded by stressing the need for collective action from political leaders and policymakers. She emphasized the importance of creating a system that prevents the passing on of the trauma experienced by victims of sexual harassment to future generations. Breaking the silence and supporting victims regardless of their gender is crucial, as sexual harassment affects men, women, and trans individuals.

In a previous interview, Chinmayi had shared her experiences as a witness in cases involving child molestation. She discussed how these cases often ended in compromises outside of the police station, with no registration or legal action taken. She highlighted the societal pressure on girls to remain silent and protect the family’s honor, even in cases involving close relatives. Chinmayi emphasized that the issue extended beyond individual cases and represented broader societal problems.

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