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Comic Con India: Celebrating Comics, Anime

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Comic Con India: Celebrating Comics, Anime

NEW DELHI, (IANS) – The popularity of pop culture in India has witnessed a remarkable surge in recent years, captivating enthusiasts nationwide. At the forefront of this cultural phenomenon is Comic Con India. Starting as a small convention in 2011, it has evolved into a significant platform that celebrates the vibrant world of comics, superheroes, anime, and more.

Jatin Varma, the founder and managing director of Comic Con India, discusses the impact of pop culture in India and the role of Comic Con India in shaping and fueling its growing fascination:

I believe India has always had its own popular culture, encompassing movies, books, comics, and entertainment on a large scale. However, with the advent of online platforms and increased social media engagement, we have become part of the global pop culture conversation. Our local content is now part of the global dialogue.

Comic Con India has played a pivotal role in fueling the popularity of pop culture by providing a space for fans to connect and share their passion for various fandoms. Our shows coincided with the rise of social media and streaming platforms, creating the perfect environment for growth. It has also opened doors for intellectual property holders to showcase themselves to Indian audiences, with Comic Con India serving as the best platform for such presentations. Our shows and our digital community have become spaces for fandoms to establish and flourish. You can find fans of almost everything in pop culture at our events and within our digital community.

One notable trend that we have influenced is the growth of licensed merchandise. When we started, licensed merchandise was virtually nonexistent in India. Through the success of our shows, we demonstrated to IP holders the significant market potential. Indian fans deserved the same level of fan service as fans in Europe or North America. Additionally, our events provided a testing ground for international brands, publishers, merchandisers, studios, and more, to gauge the Indian market and subsequently launch their products/services in the country. These developments have contributed immensely to the growth of the pop culture scene in India, particularly in terms of international content.

Comic Con India serves as a bridge between Indian and international pop culture by providing a platform for content owners to connect with Indian audiences. This has resulted in IP owners testing the Indian market and subsequently introducing their products/services in India. It has also fostered interesting collaborations and the localization of international content.

One example of the influence of Comic Con India is the emergence of Cosplay as a nationwide movement. We kickstarted this community and actively promoted it, making it one of the biggest attractions at our events and garnering extensive coverage. Now, cosplay is being leveraged for marketing and advertising purposes, with brands utilizing licensed IPs.

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