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Cook With Left Overs

Cook With Left Overs

Making Something Out of Nothing

As per the Food Trends Report, the revival of cooking with leftovers is an undeniable trend. Below are some of the easiest dishes you can whip up using leftover ingredients.

Steamed Vegetables: You can repurpose steamed vegetables into flavorful stir fries and snacks. Sauté them together with spices like pepper and red chili flakes and a splash of honey for a quick snack. You can also add some protein to the stir fry to turn it into a wholesome meal.

Uncooked Vegetables: You can transform your leftover vegetables into a tasty Pav Bhaji. A great recipe to clean out the fridge at the end of the week, it has been made easy to cook using smart cooking appliances. Automated chopping and stirring and one-pot cooking can make home-cooked Pav Bhaji part of your weekly menu.

Leftover Rice: South Indian and Asian cuisines have a host of recipes that find new ways to use up any leftover rice. Lemon Rice (Chithrana) and Tamarind Rice (Puliyogare) are easy to make – a quick tadka and aromatics – making these great options for your lunch box. Asian-style fried rice can be made easily with a smart cooking assistant – mincing ginger and garlic with only a tap and turning on Wok mode to toss and fry the vegetables and rice.

Bread: Make the most of the last few slices by making ‘Bread Poha’. You can make it with paneer or toss in some sausages for a non-veg version. A quick tadka and some sautéed aromatics along with mint and peanuts and you will have a great meal in under 30 minutes. A fusion and easy-to-make alternative to making puddings or croutons.

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