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Country Being Taken For A Ride: Supreme Court On Ramdev’s Patanjali

Country Being Taken For A Ride: Supreme Court On Ramdev’s Patanjali

Country Being Taken For A Ride: Supreme Court On Ramdev’s Patanjali

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NEW DELHI, (IANS) – The Supreme Court on February 27 issued a contempt notice to Patanjali Ayurved’s Managing Director Acharya Balakrishna over the continued publication of misleading advertisements. It also chastised the Narendra Modi government for not taking action.

Observing that Patanjali has violated the undertaking given to the court in November last year, a bench headed by Justice Hima Kohli asked the ayurvedic company to not issue any misleading advertisement or statement till the next date of listing.

“The entire country is being taken for a ride! You (the union government) wait for two years when the Act says this is prohibited. The government is sitting with its eyes closed,” the court said.

The bench was hearing a plea filed by the Indian Medical Association seeking action against Patanjali. The matter will be heard next on March 19.

Patanjali had earlier assured the top court that it would not make any causal statements claiming the medicinal efficacy of its product or advertise or brand them in violation of the law. It also undertook that the company will not release any statement against any system of medicine to the media in any form.

Multiple FIRs were filed against yoga guru and Patanjali founder Baba Ramdev across several states over his controversial comments against allopathic treatment of Covid-19. In a video, Ramdev had said: “More people have died due to allopathic medicines than due to lack of medical oxygen or shortage of beds.”

He withdrew his comments the next day after receiving a strongly worded letter from then Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan, who termed his remarks as “inappropriate”.

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  • Ramji Devji Baba got caught with hand in the jar. It could have been the herbal medicine produced was made with substandard ingredients. That is why product did not meet the standard of the advertisement. Or Ramji Devji Baba was greedy and took the nation on the ride by selling fake herbs and pocketing billions of Indian Rupees. Devil wearing the religious saffron attire!

    February 27, 2024
    • Herbal products are not controlled, even in the USA. FDA has zero oversight. Only that if they are advertised as drugs, the FDA steps in to control it if the herbal product is not pulled off the market and reintroduced without claims.

      As for speeches, even in the USA, you will see people making claims in advertisements that the product works and the fine prints so small on TV that you cannot read. And if it was large than the screen changes before you read the first three words.

      March 2, 2024
  • Pot calling the Kettle Black.

    The Supreme Court, in fact all Indian courts are a disgrace. Backlogs are huge. The SC selects cases with bias and makes bias politically motivated judgements based on political and woke affiliations and not by the Constitution. In fact it would have rejected the Amendments of Indira Gandhi during Emergency as unconstitutional.

    And we know.
    Nyay me der he andher nahi.

    So the two year wait by the govt. is not a wait when the courts sit on cases for over 30 years and the witnesses and the accused and the accusers are dead.

    March 2, 2024

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