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Court Bans Islamic Schools In Uttar Pradesh


Court Bans Islamic Schools In Uttar Pradesh

LUCKNOW, (IANS) – The Allahabad High Court on March 22 declared the UP Board of Madrasa Education Act 2004 as ‘unconstitutional’ which would millions of students to be shifted to conventional schools. The court said the law on Islamic schools violates constitutional secularism.

The schools, part of Indian states with Muslim populations for decades, are centered around Islamic ways of schooling whereas other schools in India follow conventional education. The order comes ahead of the national elections.

There are said to be around 25,000 madrasas in Uttar Pradesh and over 16,500 are recognized by the UP Board of Madrasa Education.

While the court did not give a timeline for its order, the madrasas are unlikely to be closed right away.

Earlier in March, a special investigation team had identified 13,000 illegal Madrasas along the UP-Nepal border in the state and submitted a report to the government, recommending the closure of these madrasas.

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  • It is about time, better late than never.

    March 25, 2024
  • Liberals and secularists crying. Music to my ears. India needs a nationwide ban on madrassas and on hijabs. France does it, why can’t India? Muslims in India constantly complain about how poor and oppressed they are and want quotas based on their religion. Yet, they send their kids to madrassas. They aren’t taught math, science, nor the local language, nor English. Instead, they are Arabic, Islam, and that Muslims are superior to everyone else. Time to end this.

    April 2, 2024

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