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Detox Post Diwali Celebrations

Detox Post Diwali Celebrations

Festivals not only call for a party, but they also provide us with an excuse to eat a variety of delectable dishes and sweets. You must have eaten your fair share of delicacies.

Here are five ways to help your body detoxify efficiently post-festival:

Keep hydrated – Water is necessary for many reasons, including infection prevention, organ function, nutrient delivery to cells, body temperature regulation, joint lubrication, and so on. Furthermore, drinking purified water is one of the most important things you can do to help your body flush out toxins. The importance of staying hydrated to flush out toxins cannot be overstated. Water consumption at regular intervals throughout the day is essential for keeping our metabolism active. If you’re feeling lazy, keeping a water bottle on hand is the best way to remind yourself to drink water.

Avoid sugary foods – Avoid artificial sugar for at least one to two weeks after the festival to heal yourself and get back on track with a healthy lifestyle. Say no to sugary foods such as sweets, bakery items, colas, and so on. This gives your body time to heal and recover. You can make a detox shake with plant-based protein powder to help your liver function properly. You can also make a veggie scramble with avocado cooked in coconut oil.

Indulge in exercising- A healthy mind can only exist in a healthy body. The flurry of celebrations, visits to friends and relatives, and sleepless nights have an impact on mental health as well. Even a few minutes of yoga or meditation practice will ensure the proper alignment of a healthy mind and body. You should always begin with lighter workout sessions rather than jumping right into the intense ones. Go for a walk, take in some fresh air, run around, and burn off the toxins and excess fat in your body. A good workout will improve your immunity and mood, making you feel more resilient and healthier.

Add more fiber to diet- High-fiber foods are essential for bowel health. During the holiday season, we eat anything and everything. As a result, after the festivities, your diet should be high in fiber. Beans, lentils, chia seeds, oranges, pears, apples, carrots, cauliflower, oatmeal, quinoa, almonds, and more are the plant-based options. If festivals are your cheat days, you must make amends with your body when you return to normal days. It will aid in the maintenance of your health.

Get enough sleep- Adequate sleep is essential for overall health and the natural detoxification of the body. A good night’s sleep allows your brain to organize itself and eliminate the toxic waste products that it has absorbed throughout the day. Avoiding excessive computer screen use, adhering to a sleep cycle, and limiting blue light exposure just before bedtime can all help improve sleep patterns. (IANS)

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