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Did Racism Determine The Sentence Of Nikesh Patel? Jesse Jackson Wants To Know

Did Racism Determine The Sentence Of Nikesh Patel? Jesse Jackson Wants To Know

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CHICAGO, IL – Civil rights leader the Rev. Jesse Jackson has asked the U.S. attorney’s office to investigate whether racism and discrimination played a part in the sentencing of Indian American investment banker Nikesh Patel.

Patel, 39, was sentenced by the Northern District Court of Illinois to 25 years in prison in 2018 for selling $179 million in fraudulent loans. His sentence is longer than that of his white partner and co-conspirator Timothy Fisher, The Hill reported. The Indian American is serving time in Orlando, FL.
“Here is another case where a family can be saved, and (Patel) can be a valuable asset to the community. Tough times don’t last but tough people do. Let’s work together to seek justice for Nikesh and the millions of those incarcerated along with their families,” Jackson said in a statement.

The Hill reported Patel’s parents, Ajay and Rohini Patel, approached Jackson saying they believed racism and discrimination played a significant role in Patel’s sentencing.

Fisher was offered a plea deal capped at 10 years, compared to Patel’s 25-year sentence. Fisher was sentenced to 10 years and was released after two through the compassionate release program because he suffers from asthma.

But the Patels say their son also has asthma, and even though he helped recover $86 million and has offered to recover even more upon his release, Patel has received no reduction in his prison time, The Hill said.

As an aside, it was noted by the other media, that while he was active in FL, Patel was a fundraiser for GOP candidates like Rick Scott while Jackson is a life long Democrat. 

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  • I Applaud action taken by Mr. Jackson. I wish him a lot of luck. Racism has no place in 21st century America.

    November 17, 2022
  • Nikesh Patel deserves the jail time given to him. While he was awaiting trial for bilking $179 million dollars and supposedly paying restitution for his crimes, he committed 3 more counts of fraud, totaling $20 million dollars. He then attempted to flee the country to live a life of luxury in Ecuador.

    Racism has absolutely no place in society. I applaud Reverend Jesse Jackson’s life long commitment to ending discrimination and systemic racism that continues to drives vast inequality in our nation’s justice system. But Mr. Jackson should do his due diligence and understand the depravity of Nik Patel and his lack of remorse for his criminality – as illustrated with his 2nd scam while on bail.

    Nik Patel deserves the sentence he received. He is not a victim of a two tiered justice system that most certainly does exist for many people in the US. In this case, the punishment fits the crime. And that’s just for one set of charges.

    Patel would not benefit society if released; he would inevitably concoct a new scheme. Mr. Jackson did not cross that bridge in Selma to throw away his equity on a shameless serial grifter.

    December 31, 2022

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