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Dive Into The Heartwarming World Of Fatherhood

Dive-Into-The-Heartwarming-World-Of-Fatherhood India West

Dive Into The Heartwarming World Of Fatherhood

NEW DELHI, (IANS) Audible has curated a binge-worthy list of five memoirs and accounts that dive deep into the hilarious and heartwarming world of fatherhood.

Bachelor Dad

Written by: Tusshar Kapoor and Narrated by: Anuj Dutta

Tusshar Kapoor a popular Bollywood actor, and father encapsulates the journey of being a father in the Audible audiobook ‘Bachelor Dad’. Documented in a straightforward, fun, no-holds-barred, and incisive first-person narrative, Tusshar reveals interesting childhood anecdotes, the process of raising a child as a single man in India, how the search for the perfect soulmate doesn’t stop after having a child, and finally how his son, Laksshya, changed his life forever.

Fatherhood by Papa B

Written and Narrated By: Bode Aboderin

Bode Aboderin (AKA Papa B), a motivational speaker and a father of three, in his practical guide Fatherhood by Papa B on Audible, demonstrates how black fatherhood fueled by ambition can inspire and nourish. Defying negative stereotypes associated with being a Black dad in Britain, Papa B reflects on how his upbringing, alongside stigmas about fatherhood, race, and masculinity, and the impact of these factors on his experiences of being a father. Papa B shares tips on breaking generational cycles and adapting to modern-day family dynamics to communicating with your child and achieving a healthy work-life balance.

Why Fathers Cry at Night

Written and narrated by: Kwame Alexander

In a powerfully intimate memoir, Kwame Alexander chronicles the passage of a man learning to love. The man is inspired by the traditional love affair of his parents and correlates this to the personal outlook he has toward relationships. Why Father’s Cry is a heartfelt journal of 22-year-old newly married Alexander who is juggling the loss of his mother and a tumultuous marriage as he discovers his strength: his two daughters.

I Wish My Dad

Written by: Romal Tune and Narrated by: Bernard K. Addison

Romal Tune was raised most of his childhood without a father and got very few chances to interact with him as a teenager. After years of inner work via therapy and faith, Tune realized that neither he nor his dad possessed what they needed to live up to each other’s expectations. So, he sat down with seventeen men of diverse ages, ethnicities, and socioeconomic backgrounds for “I Wish My Dad” conversations. In this book, he invites us into the room as the men uncover relationships with their fathers, lessons on emotional pain, and vulnerability, and elaborate on the risks they took to connect with their fathers.

The Daddy Diaries

Written and narrated by: Andy Cohen

In this hilarious and heartwarming audiobook, Andy Cohen recounts his life’s intricacies as a talk show host to a celebrity father. Andy Cohen’s most momentous year commences with a hangover after an epic New Year Eve’s broadcast; however, the media mogul does not have much time to reflect on this as he is overwhelmed by the responsibilities and joys of parenthood. Andy brilliantly captures his fast-paced life in Manhattan where his late-night parties have been replaced by early mornings with his children. Andy’s whimsical perspective towards balancing his on-screen life alongside his toddlers Ben and Lucy will have you in splits.

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