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Does Rishi Sunak Need To Upgrade His Wardrobe?

Does Rishi Sunak Need To Upgrade His Wardrobe?

LONDON, (IANS) – Days after Akshata Murthy topped Tatler’s 2023 list of best-dressed women, her husband and British Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, is being mocked for his choice of trousers.

It began with a series of tweets on July 31 by a prominent American menswear writer and blogger, Derek Guy who said: “It’s baffling to me how the wealthiest UK prime minister in history could live just steps away from Savile Row, the single greatest concentration of skilled bespoke tailors, and end up paying $2k for a MTM suit with sleeves and trousers 2-4″ too short”.

Dismissing suggestions that Sunak is trying to make himself look taller than his 5.7″ height, Guy said: “I don’t think this sort of pseudo-science holds water.”

The tweets were viewed by millions of people, attracting attention by the British media.

“Ironically, I think this sort of outfit makes a man look very middle-aged, as it’s a 20-year-old trend and young people are wearing baggier clothes,” he told Times Radio. Sunak is 43.

A prominent tailor in central London, Kathryn Sargent, agrees.

She says short trousers were a fashion in the noughties not now.

“Rishi Sunak needs a better tailored suit,” added Sargent.

But one of Sunak’s bespoke tailors has defended the British prime minister’s trousers. 

“In fact, a slim fit and leg cut to the ankle is everything an on-trend suit wants to be today,” Alexander Dickinson, who owns Henry Herbert in central London, told London’s Evening Standard.

But Sunak, who is currently in California on his first holiday in four years, is not known for paying too little attention to his wardrobe.

He has often been attacked for his expensive designer outfits with suggestions that he is out of touch with Britain’s ordinary people who are struggling with rising of cost of living.

Two months ago, he gave a speech on his plan to stop small migrant boats, wearing $240 Timberland boots, prompting some people to call it “stop the boots”.

Earlier, he had been seen wearing $600 Prada shoes. His suits at Henry Herbert are reported to cost $3,000 dollars.

Sunak’s wife, Akhshata Murthy, on the other hand, has cleverly tried to change her image since moving to the prime minister’s official residence, 10 Downing Street, last year.

After receiving a lot of flak for her expensive designer taste, Murti is no longer often seen in Gucci trainers and Red Valentino dresses.

She recently wore a $19 pink shirt when she went with her husband and daughters to watch the film, Barbie. 

Except on big occasions, Murthy wears dresses from high-street British brands such as Next.

But Rishi Sunak is unlikely to abandon his expensive taste, though he may consider changing his clothing style following criticism from Derek Guy.

He would like to be called one of Britain’s best-dressed prime ministers, close to Anthony Eden, who occupied the office from 1955-1957.

Eden who was known for his single-breasted waistcoats, lounge suits and varnished fingernails has been described by many as the best dressed British prime minister in the 20th century. Akshata Murthy, who has been a fashion designer herself, has work cut out for her husband.

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