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Drug Czar Rahul Gupta Has Created Toxic Workplace: Politico

Drug Czar Rahul Gupta Has Created Toxic Workplace: Politico

Drug Czar Rahul Gupta Has Created Toxic Workplace: Politico

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WASHINGTON, DC – Politico reports that the White House office dedicated to addressing the nation’s opioid epidemic is grappling with substantial staff turnover and internal discontent with its director, Dr. Rahul Gupta. Citing insight from nine individuals familiar with the office’s operations, Politico reported that Gupta’s leadership style is blamed for creating a “toxic” work environment.

According to seven former and current officials, along with two others who know the office dynamics, Gupta is characterized as egocentric and a “prima donna” overly focused on his public image. The office has experienced the departure of at least eight top officials and several aides in recent months, resulting in a significant leadership vacuum among its roughly 75-person team.

Gupta, a practicing physician for over 25 years, assumed his role as the director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) in 2021 after serving in various capacities, including chief medical and health officer at the nonprofit March of Dimes. While his nomination received praise from the White House, former officials assert that Gupta has placed unrealistic pressure on the team to enhance his public profile, impacting the office’s functionality.

Critics say Gupta’s frequent domestic and international travels have been more centered around personal considerations than the work of the ONDCP including allegedly expecting Cabinet-level treatment during his travels and Gupta’s demands for travel accommodations when he would refuse to fly Southwest Airlines.

Former and current officials told Politico that Gupta’s behavior contradicted the Biden administration’s commitment to respectful conduct and accused him of not consistently valuing input from individuals in recovery from substance use disorders.

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  • Mr Gupta
    Be aware people are watching you. Daily watch Mr modi’s service to the country. Really you are sitting there to serve or be Mr Trump. I can only say
    If you are a true server show with humbleness and kindness. Or leave the JOB

    February 20, 2024
  • Narcissist. Creating a Toxic Workplace. Must have created the same atmosphere at home.

    February 20, 2024

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