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Edamame Galouti Kebab

Edamame Galouti Kebab


Edamame 150 gm

Hung curd 50 gm

Spinach 200 gm

Mace powder 10 gm

Black pepper 5 gm

Green cardamom 20 gm

Gram flour 100 gm

Salt 20 gm

Chaat masala 30 gm

Cumin powder 20 gm

Almonds 30 gm

Coriander leaves 40 gm

Green chili 20 gm

Methi mayonnaise 2 tsp

Ghee 10 ml


First take hung curd then add chopped edamame, blanched spinach, chopped green chilli, coriander leaves, gram flour, dried fruits, salt, mace powder, and freshly cracked black pepper. Mix well all the ingredients, making sure the edamame, spinach and hung curd are combined well. Do not over-knead and prepare small-sized patties or kebabs. Now, shallow fry kebabs on a hot plate with ghee till the kebabs turn golden brown. Drain the kebab into kitchen paper to remove excess oil. Finally, serve the edamame, kebab with methi mayonnaise.

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