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Education, National Security, Gun Control, Climate, Matter To Asian American Voters

Education, National Security, Gun Control, Climate, Matter To Asian American Voters

Education, National Security, Gun Control, Climate, Matter To Asian American Voters

India-West Staff Reporter

LOS ANGELES, CA – Asian Americans Advancing Justice – AAJC, alongside its partners, has unveiled the findings from the bi-annual Asian American Voter Survey (AAVS), the longest-running longitudinal survey of AAPI voters. The results indicate key trends and concerns within the community as the 2024 elections approach.

The survey of 2,479 Asian American voters was conducted using mixed modes, self-administered responses via an online panel and telephone interviews of respondents selected from a classified list of Asian American voters for the six largest ethnic groups (Chinese, Indian, Filipino, Korean, Vietnamese, and Japanese).

According to the survey, 46% of Asian American voters indicate they are likely to vote for President Biden, a decrease from 54% in 2020. Meanwhile, Trump has made little headway with 31% expressing support for him, a marginal shift from 30% in the previous election. Additionally, 5% of respondents are considering other candidates, a significant increase from just 1% in 2020. The remaining voters are either undecided or chose not to disclose their preference.

A significant majority, 90% of Asian American voters, confirmed their intention to vote in the upcoming elections, with 68% stating they are certain they will participate. The survey highlights several key issues that are particularly important to this demographic: education (80%), national security (77%), and immigration (71%).

A significant majority of Asian American voters (77%) support stricter gun. Among them, 53% agree “very strongly” on the need for more stringent regulations to address gun violence and enhance public safety.

Climate change is another pressing concern for Asian American voters, with over two-thirds (69%) advocating for stronger legislation from Congress and the president to mitigate its effects. The community calls for decisive action to combat climate change and protect the environment for future generations.

Moreover, the survey reveals that over two-thirds (68%) of Asian American voters are concerned about hate crimes, harassment, and discrimination, with 38% reporting they worry about these issues “sometimes,” 17% “somewhat often,” and 13% “very often.”

Asian Americans have emerged as the fastest-growing group of eligible voters in the U.S., expanding by 15% in the last four years alone. Their turnout has been pivotal in federal elections since 2016, with a notable surge in 2020, particularly in battleground states, where new Asian American voters played a crucial role in Biden’s victory.

“Asian Americans are rapidly diversifying the American electorate, and it is critical for us to update our understanding of what motivates them and informs their voting choices,” said Karthick Ramakrishnan, Executive Director of AAPI Data. “We see ongoing evidence of dynamism within the Asian American electorate, including on matters pertaining to presidential vote choice and party preferences on key issues ranging from inflation to health care and immigration.”

Conducted in partnership with AAPI Data, APIAVote, and AARP, the AAVS is a detailed, multilingual survey designed to delve into the issues that matter most to this rapidly growing electorate and to understand how these issues influence their voting behavior.

The release of the AAVS comes just ahead of APIAVote’s Presidential Town Hall in Philadelphia on July 13, featuring Vice President Kamala Harris as the keynote speaker. The event will be live streamed on APIAVote’s YouTube page.

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