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Elated ‘HanuMan’ Makers Discuss Start Of Cinematic Universe


Elated ‘HanuMan’ Makers Discuss Start Of Cinematic Universe

MUMBAI, (IANS) – The superhero narrative is not an easy genre to pull off. Many storytellers have successfully narrated the good vs evil saga aided by high-end VFX and CGI in Indian cinema and in Hollywood.

When director Prasanth Varma set out to make this film, he had his job cut out for him when he decided to mount the film ‘HanuMan‘ which draws its strength from Indian mythology.

And, the director comes out with flying colors as he skilfully combines the narrative of an underdog and Indian mythology to craft an entertaining and a visually captivating film.

Elated with the critical response, ‘HanuMan’ director Prasanth Varma and the film’s producers aim to transform the cinematic experience into a gateway for audiences to explore Indian scriptures and mythology.

The plan includes introducing new characters and helping spark interest in Indian scriptures among the younger generation.

The film follows the story of Hanumanthu, played by Teja Sajja.

He is a playful village lad in the fictional world of Anjanadri, who doesn’t want to take on the responsibilities of adulthood.

An attempt to save a village girl, whom he loves, from the evil forces leads him on the path to becoming a superhero and the chosen one.

Talking about the scale of the film’s canvas and the long-term vision, producer R. K. Duggal said, “Hanuman is probably the most important film of our library. Prasanth, the producers, and our team have worked for over two years on the development of this project. My team is very emotionally attached to this film, and we are hoping that the audiences will love what we have come together to create.”

“It is not just one film; it is an entire universe of superheroes that the director is trying to create based on Indian Itihasas (history).”

Explaining the film’s ability to travel far and wide, Duggal added: “We come from the television business, our content caters to the masses who love watching family-oriented films. The content we are creating today will surely influence our future generations.”

“I have worked with the director of the film, Prasanth Varma, on his previous film ‘Zombie Reddy’, and I was sure that he is a very capable director. We have big plans with him, and we share a common vision, you will see in the upcoming years that he will be one of the top directors of our industry.”

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