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Elderly Motel Owner Shot Dead Over Room Rental

Elderly Motel Owner Shot Dead Over Room Rental

Elderly Motel Owner Shot Dead Over Room Rental

SHEFFIELD, AL (IANS) – A 76-year-old motel owner was shot dead here following a confrontation over room rental.

Pravin Raojibhai Patel, the owner of Hillcrest Motel, was gunned down on February 8 after which police arrested 34-year-old William Jeremy Moore, Alabama-based news outlet al.com reported.

Moore was arrested shortly after the incident as he was trying to break into an abandoned house on 13th Avenue, Sheffield Police Chief Ricky Terry said.

According to investigators, Moore wanted to rent a room at the motel when an altercation with Patel took place on February 8, following which the former pulled a handgun and shot the elderly man.

“When searching Moore, the murder weapon was found in his possession,” Terry said.

The police chief added that Moore is currently being held in the Sheffield City Jail until a warrant is issued after which he will be transported to the Colbert County Jail.

Jemeriz Owens, who works as a barber across the street from Patel’s motel, told WAAY 31 news channel that he heard three gunshots go off back-to-back.

“He (Patel) was outside. He was just trying to get somebody to leave, and they didn’t want to leave, and they shot him,” Owens said.

Patel’s body was transported to the Alabama Forensics Lab for an autopsy and a funeral service was held for him at Morrison Funeral Home in Tuscumbia on February 12, according to his obituary.

Calling the incident a “senseless act of violence”, the Asian American Hotel Owners Association (AAHOA) said on February 14 that the country’s hotel owners are “deeply saddened, shocked, and outraged”.

“Senseless acts of violence have no place in our communities, and our hearts are breaking for Pravin’s family, including his wife, children, and grandchildren,” said AAHOA Chairman Bharat Patel.

“No family should have to endure what Pravin’s family is going through, and we send our condolences to everyone who knew and loved him.”

Hoping that authorities will help the Patel family find justice, AAHOA Alabama Regional Director Sanjay M Patel said the motel owner spent more than four decades in the town of Sheffield, owning, and operating the same business.

“He was a very family-oriented person, jolly, and a keen businessman. Everyone in town knew him as a familiar face in the community after being there for 40-plus years, and the family was well-known in the community for being genuine and caring,” Sanjay Patel said.

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  • Travelling 10000 or so miles to make a living and now this and all for this. Praying for Satgati for Mr Pravin Bhai.

    February 15, 2024
  • When we migrate to USA for better opportunities, we need to learn about the society and the dangers we can face. People are able to easily own guns, and during altercations in residences, businesses, on the roads while driving, gun owners who get angry often use their guns to shoot at others. There are people who have mental problems or use drugs who act without much thinking of the consequences, especially drug users who do not have money to buy drugs and are desperate to rob someone for that. Business owners and others need to be careful and polite and avoid altercations from becoming serious and life threatening. Discretion is the better part of valor.

    February 15, 2024
  • Primarily, it the destiny. Whatever precautions we take, we cannot change our destiny. Whatever has happened, whatever is happening and whatever is going to happen is predestined.

    February 16, 2024

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