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Every One In Five Student Visa In 2022 Issued In India: Eric Garcetti

Every-One-In-Five-Student-Visa-In-2022-Issued-In-India-Eric-Garcetti India West

Every One In Five Student Visa In 2022 Issued In India: Eric Garcetti

Photo : Ambassador Eric Garcetti gave a shout-out to his consular team for their “exceptional efforts in issuing the highest number of student visas globally in 2022.”

NEW DELHI (ANI) – The 7th Annual Student Visa Day was held by the US Mission in India, with consular officers conducting interviews for Indian Student Visa applications. Speaking at the embassy, US Ambassador Eric Garcetti noted that more Indians come to the US as students than from any other country.

Garcetti stated, “Last year, India became number 1, and I don’t see that changing ahead in the future. I see that relationship at the very top of how we articulate our values of welcoming not just Americans to higher education but opening that door to people worldwide.” He highlighted that one out of every five US student visas was issued in India in 2022, surpassing the proportion of the Indian population in the world.

Indian students make up over 21% of the international student population in the US, with nearly 200,000 Indian students studying during the 2021-2022 academic year. Garcetti congratulated the students as they prepared to join the growing community of Indian students pursuing education in the US. Additionally, approximately 35% of Indian students on F1 status are engaged in Optional Practical Training.

In 2022, Indians received the highest number of H&L employment visas (65%) and F1 student visas (17.5%) worldwide. Furthermore, over 1.2 million Indians visited the US in 2022, making them one of the largest groups of international visitors.

The US Mission to India is expected to process over one million visa applications in 2023, and between June and August 2023, they will conduct interviews with the highest number of students ever. In the previous year, Mission India issued a record-breaking number of more than 125,000 student visas.

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  • More Indian students come to US for studies. Probably 90% end up settling in US. As a result there is big foreign reserve drain for India. So their education does not benefit India. Moreover, may be 70% end up bringing wife for India, another women drain for India where women population is in decline.

    June 8, 2023
  • Nice to see “ambassador” empty suit.

    June 8, 2023
  • This should STOP
    Why Indians are getting more visas than the % of population in the world?
    And they never GO BACK.
    India is EXPORTING its unemployment to US

    They should change it to J1 visas NOT F1 visas.
    This will force them to go back to India
    Most of these students are LOSERS. They cannot even get a job in India or get admission to Indian universities.

    This should STOP!!!

    June 8, 2023
    • Foreign students pay higher fees, and many US universities survive on that. Should we close many universities?

      June 8, 2023
      • Non many universities survive on higher fees. Majority of students in state universities are covered by state grants and student loans. Foreign students pay higher fees and that is a foreign drain on their countries of origin. Most eventually end up settling in US.

        June 9, 2023
    • Nothing wrong if India exports its unemployed people. All people who end up coming to USA were unemployed in their home countries or facing some issues. During 1800, Europe exported large unemployed people to USA. That is a reason why Europeans countries are well off. There is nothing wrong if people whether from India or Africa come over as long as they come legally. You or your ancestors also came as immigrants and went thru difficulties to establish here. You as their byproduct may had easy way due to your ancestors efforts. In 1910, my grandfather come to San Francisco without visa as none was required at that time. Not many students are failures. What you learn in universities or colleges are tools to help you in getting a job. The employers provide further training requiring the tools you learned in college or university. Now I hear people called Dalits who claim to be discriminated. Please explain to them that we all human being have some biases or discrimination as long as we do not express openly. If they Americanize their accent, that may help them.

      June 9, 2023

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