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Farrah Khan Sworn In For Second Term As Irvine, CA Mayor

Farrah Khan Sworn In For Second Term As Irvine, CA Mayor

India-West Staff Reporter

IRVINE, CA – Farrah N. Khan was sworn into office for a second term as the city of Irvine’s Mayor, along with newly elected Councilmembers Larry Agran and Kathleen Treseder on December 13 in front of a capacity audience at the city council chamber.

Khan who was sworn in for a two-year term, made electoral history in November 2020, when she not only received the highest number of votes for the position of mayor in the city’s history, but also shattered glass ceilings as the first woman of color to hold the position, and the first Muslim woman to lead the city.

Khan grew up in Northern California and began her career in the biotech and innovation industry as a regulatory manager focusing on streamlining complex products and international research. She and her family moved to Irvine in 2004 where her two sons attended school.

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  • This is a sad day for the residents in Irvine. When Farrah Khan was elected two years ago, one of the first things she did was to silence the public. She implemented the “rule of 2”, which made it impossible to get important topics on the agenda. She does not care what the public has to say and has a prepared speech when she goes against the majority voters! She is involved in one of Orange County’s biggest scams, the Orange County Power Authority. She has lied about its benefits and purpose to the Irvine taxpayers, who are now experiencing the magnitude of her deception. She lied to get elected and she continues to lie to benefit herself, all at the expense of the taxpayers!

    January 7, 2023

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