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Fawad Khan Joins ‘Ms. Marvel’, Sets Internet on Fire

Fawad Khan Joins ‘Ms. Marvel’, Sets Internet on Fire

NEW DELHI, (ANI) – Pakistani superstar Fawad Khan has made a grand entry in ‘Ms. Marvel’ show with its fifth episode.

Fawad essays the role of a freedom fighter in the British Raj who falls in love with Aisha, a woman from another dimension who is attempting to return home. Hasan and Aisha, played by actress Mehwish Hayat, are Kamala’s great-grandparents. After seeing Fawad’s special appearance in the show, fans from India and Pakistan flooded social media with their reactions.

“Fawad Khan’s acting was amazing in #MsMarvel Episode 5, the expressions were brilliant and the struggle to get independence from British and the pain in his eyes when talking to Muslims was real,” a netizen commented.

“Ladies & gentlemen Fawad khan in MARVEL,” another one tweeted.

“He single handedly owned the episode,” a Twitterati wrote.

‘Ms. Marvel’ is an action series about a young teenage girl and is the first-ever Asian superhero character from the Hollywood production house, Marvel. Disney+ Hotstar streams new episodes of the series once a week, every Wednesday.

Along with Fawad Khan, the MCU’s series also casts Indian actor Farhan Akhtar in a prominent role, and it is the second time an Indian celebrity is a part of a Marvel film after actor Irrfan Khan in ‘The Amazing Spider-Man” in 2012.

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