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Film On Ravish Kumar Plays To Full House, Draws Star Power

Film On Ravish Kumar Plays To Full House, Draws Star Power

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NEW YORK, NY – ‘While We Watched,’ the newsroom drama intimately chronicling the working days of broadcast journalist Ravish Kumar when he was in NDTV till it was taken over by Gautam Adani, the favored businessman of the Modi government, and directed by Vinay Shukla has been screening here to full houses.

It has also drawn star power. The award-winning host of ‘Democracy Now!,’ the global news program broadcast daily on radio, television, and the Internet, Amy Goodman hosted a special Q&A for ‘While We Watched’ on July 30 at the IFC Center, here.

John Oliver, host of the award-winning ‘Last Week Tonight’ reported that he had watched the film twice. It might be remembered here that Oliver had once compared India’s Arnab Goswami known for high decibels and partisan news lines to the former news-bending Fox TV host Tucker Carlson.

Oliver, like Goodman hosted a Q&A with Ravish Kumar and Vinay Shukla.

The social media handle of the film responded to a query to when the film would play in India: “Thank you for your interest & support. However, we have no distribution offers from India – neither theatrical distributors nor OTT platforms. We have a significant monetary debt to repay & putting the film online for rental exposes us to piracy. We’ll keep trying but it’s hard.”

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  • Until NDTV was generating anti-Hindu and leftist propaganda it was ok. But now that it is pro-Hindu, it is a problem? Why is the Left anti-Hindu and anti-Jew? Because these two races work hard and deliver.

    August 2, 2023
  • Who does not Ravish Kumar! His partisan ranting, lies and make-believe experts – all are paid members of Soros Gang.

    August 2, 2023

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