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‘Fooding Around’ – Home Chef Launches Book


‘Fooding Around’ – Home Chef Launches Book

India-West Staff Reporter

Home Chef Reetika Mitra has released her maiden book “Fooding Around.” Published by Turtle House, the book comprises 125 recipes that Reetika has perfected at her home kitchen over the years.

As a passionate home chef and now an author she has been experimenting with flavors, exploring diverse cuisines and perfecting her culinary skills over the years. Her culinary experiments have ranged from crafting Vietnamese Banh Xeo to perfecting the Greek Avgolemono soup, showcasing her ability to adapt international cuisines to the discerning Indian palate while preserving their authentic essence.

The book comprises a range of gourmet dishes like Chicken Szechuan Peppercorn, Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls, Bahn Xeo, Pad Thai with Water Chestnut, Asian Orange Chicken, Nasi Goreng, and Chicken Pho to name a few.

Mitra said in a statement, “Everyone has their unique touch. For me, my two secret ingredients are passion and love. The greatest satisfaction for me lies in serving a delectable spread of appealing and tasteful food. For generations, food has been an influential aspect in bringing people closer and helping to make meaningful connections and it would never bring me greater pleasure than for my recipes to connect souls together with sumptuous food that matters.”

Mitra’s story is a blend of hope, resilience, and never giving up on one’s dreams. Hailing from the vibrant city of Kolkata, her journey began as a young girl observing her grandmother, mother, and aunts as they cooked meals for the entire family. She found herself captivated as she followed them around the bustling kitchen.

This time-honored ritual began with the men of the household procuring the freshest ingredients from the local market–vegetables, fish, and meats. The day would culminate with the entire family gathering to savor the flavors of their labor, with the children being served first, followed by the elders. This daily spectacle left an indelible mark on her, sparking her enduring passion for the culinary arts.

Eager to share her culinary adventures with a wider audience, Reetika ventured into the digital realm, giving birth to the food blog, “Fooding Around.” This online repository has over one hundred and fifty meticulously crafted recipes sourced from various corners of the world.

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