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Foods To Savor During Diwali As Per Your Dosha

Foods To Savor During Diwali As Per Your Dosha

Every festival has its own charm, the easiest way to enjoy and maintain wellbeing during festivals is to follow the seasonal regimen. The festival of Diwali falls in the transitional period where we can see a corresponding change in our body as well.

One should eat wisely to kindle the digestion and encourage tissue development:

Consume boiled water as per individual requirement. Coriander seeds or Cumin seeds can also be used to flavor the water.

Consume sweets in the early part of the meal (to balance the Vata), to be followed by sour and salt items (to stimulate proper Pitta), backed up by foods with pungent, bitter and astringent tastes (to subdue Kapha).

Overdoing anything is never any good, so maintain a balance in food proportions eating heavy foods in less quantity and light foods in more quantity with suitable appetizers in between to balance the two.

Grain: Rice should be of the white variety as brown rice, etc. is not suitable. Items made of barley (dosa, soup etc.) are very useful for individuals having diabetic or sugar issues.

Lentils: Green gram is ideal. Tuvar dal can be used sparingly. One must cut down on Channa, Rajma, Urad, etc.

Suggested vegetables: Pointed gourd, bottle gourd, bitter gourd, methi and ash gourd – all of which are strongly recommended to be included in your diet as they are sweet and light on your digestive system.

Avoid raw foods. Vegetables like yam, young radish can be had. Carrot, beetroot – in moderate quantities. Heavy to digest vegetables like potatoes should be cut down. Gas producing vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage should be reduced – and should be cooked well with ghee.

Avoid non-veg. After a meal chew a small piece of ginger with rock salt which helps to avoid acid reflux.

Drink buttermilk flavored with crushed ginger, cumin and rock salt – it will improve gut health. (IANS)

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