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For 7 Centuries, This Bihar Village Has Stayed off Liquor

For 7 Centuries, This Bihar Village Has Stayed off Liquor

JAMUI (IANS) – Bihar may have imposed prohibition since 2016, but there is a village in Jamui district where the sale and consumption of liquor has been banned for the last seven centuries.

Every resident living in or outside Gangara village in Gidhaur block of Jamui district has abstained from alcohol. This religious belief has now become a tradition for the people living in this village.

There has never been any incident of the sale or consumption of liquor in this village registered in the Gidhaur police station since the liquor prohibition law came into force.

The locals say that for decades there has been a religious belief that is an omen for people who drink alcohol in this village.

The residents have also said the people living here worship their local deity ‘Baba Kokilchand’ and lead their lives by strictly following the latter’s three commandments which include staying away from liquor, respecting women and valuing food.

There are nearly 400 houses with a population of around 3,500 people living here but no individual has ever consumed alcohol.

The locals say that if any person tried to consume alcohol here they lost their family members.

Ramashish Singh, a resident of Gangara village said people here stay away from alcohol and other intoxicants.

Anjani Singh, Head of the Gangara panchayat, said there exists a temple dedicated to Baba Kokilchand in this village where a daily puja is conducted as per tradition.

It is believed that Baba Kokilchand abstained from alcohol.

The locals said that for several centuries alcohol has never been served at any party or social events here. If anybody is found consuming alcohol, he is asked never to enter this village again.

The villagers said several years ago many people tried to break this tradition dismissing it as a superstition. After this some untoward incident took place with their families. Since then people here fear consuming alcohol.

They also claim that many people from this village who pursued studies abroad never consumed alcohol.

A member of Baba Kokilchand’s thought forum, social activist and teacher, Chunchun Kumar says that in ancient times an earthen body of Kokilchand was found in thr village. Till this day, Baba Kokilchand is seated in the same earthen body.

The construction of a grand temple is taking place here but no person can tamper with the earthen body of Baba Kokilchand.

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