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‘Foreign Policy’ Profiles Raja Krishnamoorthi As Congressional Voice On China

‘Foreign Policy’ Profiles Raja Krishnamoorthi As Congressional Voice On China

The Foreign Policy report featured this illustration by Oriana Fenwick.

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WASHINGTON, DC – The leading publication on world affairs with scholarly and analytical writing, ‘Foreign Policy’ has profiled Illinois Democrat Raja Krishnamoorthi’s leadership of the Congressional Select Committee on the Strategic Competition Between the US and China along with Congressman Republican Mike Gallagher, the Chair of the China Committee.

The committee was formed in February of this year for the specific purpose of investigating and developing policies to address America’s economic, technological, and security competition with the Chinese Communist Party. With his selection as Ranking Member, Congressman Krishnamoorthi became the first South Asian to ever lead a U.S. Congressional Committee.

The magazine wrote, “The House China Committee has no lawmaking authority, but it can conduct investigations and lengthy research projects, issue subpoenas, issue policy recommendations, and seed all of its work into other House committees with authority over major budget and legislative issues, such as the House Armed Services Committee, Ways and Means Committee, or Finance Committee.”

It summed up the above by saying, “In short, this is the beating heart of Congress’s policy agenda on China, giving Gallagher and Krishnamoorthi outsized voices on what most in Washington consider the new, defining U.S. foreign-policy challenge. What the committee sets its sights on next is a good indication of where U.S. policy will go.”

Pointing out that this was one of the rare bi-partisan relationships on the Hill, it pointed to two reasons, “The first is the scale of the threat from China, at least in the sense of how 95 percent of Washington sees it—something most Republicans and Democrats, if not the rest of the world, agree on.”

The second, the magazine said, “is the fact that both Gallagher and Krishnamoorthi are from politically safe districts and are genuine policy wonks, as described by themselves as well as numerous other U.S. lawmakers, Congressional aides, and officials interviewed for this story. Both are seasoned members of the House Intelligence Committee. (Gallagher, a Marine Corps veteran, also earned his PhD in international relations from Georgetown).”

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