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Fragrances For Your Zodiac Sign

Fragrances For Your Zodiac Sign

All zodiac signs have different personalities and there are some scents that best describe them, or they need to accentuate their vibe. Renowned astrologer Pandit Jagannath Guruji gives the low down on which notes should suit the individual zodiac.

Aries: Sandalwood and even hints of neroli, and clove accentuate the Aries energy as it calms them down and works on their aggression too. These notes give a very optimistic vibe and uplift the zodiac sign.

Taurus: Magnolia, apple, French rose, and even honeysuckle would be the best notes of fragrance for Taurus. They are stable and are very set in their ways with a romantic side to them. These fragrances help Taurus feel a bit more flexible and even exude a dreamy essence from them.

Gemini: Lemon and floral go well with a Gemini as these notes are warm, exuberant, and even flirty to an extent that best describes the zodiac sign as well.

Cancer: Cancerians should invest in fragrances that have notes of jasmine, lily, rose and even chamomile which exudes a very maternal and affectionate fragrance. These notes are nurturing and soothing which is exactly what a Cancerian is.

Leo: A Leo is all about being an attention seeker and therefore they should opt for fragrances that have notes of lime, ginger, basil, and rosemary. The citrusy notes balance their personality and energizes them too.

Virgo: Virgos are well known for being hard working and scents made using fennel, sage, and patchouli with a drop of lemon best describe them. These notes are cleansing and exude a very fresh fragrance. They are consistent and strong and something you can associate with a Virgo.

Libra: Librans should go for floral and spring fragrances as they exude very vibrant energy, something a Libran is all about. If they want something to soothe them, they should opt for chamomile.

Scorpio: Scorpios should reach out for perfumes or mists that have tuberose and hyacinth and maybe a bit of oudh sometimes. These notes are sensuous, playful, passionate, and very magnetic, which also describes a Scorpio.

Sagittarius: A Saggi has a warm personality that has a huge thirst for wanderlust. They should go for lemon, clove, saffron, and bergamot which together give a very herbal fragrance. These notes uplift, are very energetic and light too.

Capricorn: Capricorns ignite creativity and therefore they must opt for fragrances that have a mimosa, tulip, vetiver, musk, and even lilac. The zodiac sign is condescending in a way and therefore, these flowers brighten them up and revive them in a way.

Aquarius: This one is an unconventional zodiac sign and therefore they must opt for notes of patchouli, anise, pine, and lavender. These fragrances keep them attached to reality and are very comforting too. It describes their independent nature as well!

Pisces: Pisces are often attracted to floral, breezy, and mysterious fragrances. From tulip to oudh to green tea, Pisces can go for anything fragrance because they like to spritz according to their mood. When they feel creative, they opt for fruity notes. But in general, they should go for notes that enhance their personas like vanilla and gardenia.

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