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Fremont Police Arrest Man For Stabbing Two Indian Students

Fremont Police Arrest Man For Stabbing Two Indian Students

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FREMONT, CA – In the aftermath of the harrowing incident that unfolded on November 17, at around 4:47 p.m., Fremont police officers using surveillance footage and witness interviews have positively identified the perpetrator as 28-year-old Miguel Angel Villareal of Fremont.

He is being held at the Santa Rita Jail without bail on a charge of first-degree attempted murder.

Hours of intensive search efforts culminated in Villareal’s arrest without incident, police said. Fremont PD said the Crimes Against Person(s) Unit has taken charge of the investigation.

Villareal, with a history peppered with arrests for robbery, battery causing serious bodily injury, resisting an officer, and drug-related offenses, currently awaits arraignment on two counts of Penal Code 187(a)/664 – Attempted Murder scheduled for November 22, 2023.

The violent attack occurred near Fremont Hub at 4:30 p.m., targeting three friends—Syed Shadan ul Haq, Khalid Bin Masood Yafai, and Mohammad Abdul Basur Sufiyan—all from around Hyderabad in India and new engineering studies in the U.S.

Yafai and Haq were attacked while waiting for Sufiyan, who had stepped into a nearby store to purchase soft drinks. Haq, who was stabbed in the chest, managed to escape the stabber while a horrified Sufiyan called 911.

Police responded swiftly to the incident which took place in the 4100 block of Walnut Ave. Upon arrival, officers initiated immediate medical assistance and the two victims were rushed to San Jose Regional Medical Center Hospital’s Trauma Unit.

Yafai, the one most severely physically affected including a wound close to the liver, is still in hospital after at least two surgeries.

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